Mosquito Lagoon – 8/2/12

Had a day off work because of a business trip flight that was scheduled for later that day. What better to do than go fishing early in the AM, right?

I hit the lagoon late, about 7:45AM after sunrise (I’m normally there 15 minutes before sunrise) but this didn’t prove to be a bad decision. I headed over to a spot I had heard was productive the previous weekend- and it still was.

The water clarity was still very dirty, but the water was LOW. Upon more investigation when I got home that day, the water tables for haulover inlet showed the lowest dip in water level for the last six weeks.

The sight fishing was awesome, reds waving their tails in the air and giving away their position left and right. The two photos below were the only two I pulled out before heading back to the ramp just two hours later.

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report for August 2012



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