AAR – Strongarm Products Casting Platform

Back when I first got my Gheenoe NMZ, I already had plans of what to do to it. Seeing photos and pictures all across the web only expanded the possibilities. You can essentially tailor a Custom Gheenoe to any style of fishing of boating you need to do; but that’s not what we’re talking about today.

Strongarm Products is a company based out of Homestead, Fl. The owner is active on various forum networks on the internet, and interacts with many members of the Florida fishing scene on a daily basis. Strongarm offers a full line of products for micro skiffs; from tiller extensions to platforms.

Since I have a Gheenoe NMZ with limited space; a Strongarm casting platform fits the bill perfect. The owner of Strongarm Products actually used to personally own a Gheenoe NMZ and demoed it with not one, but two casting platforms on the bow and stern decks.

I ordered one back in April, and after four agonizing weeks of waiting I received it at my door. My first impressions? WOW! After almost 12 weeks of ownership, I still love it to this day.

This platform is VERY sturdy and very well put together. For the small price they are asking to purchase one of these platforms, it’s a steal. The platform comes with various finishes, but I opted for the standard ‘black’ finish which is essentially a textured bedliner coating almost like sandpaper.

I use my skiff every weekend, and so far nothing has rusted, nothing has come off of it, and nothing has chipped.

Did I mention it comes with SeaDek? Included in the price is a custom-cut SeaDek pad to ensure you’re comfortable standing on the platform for hours on end.

After months of use, I highly recommend Strongarm Products and their line of casting platforms.



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