Ankona ShadowCast. I really want one.

I’ve been using a Custom Gheenoe NMZ for the most of recent memory, and it’s been everything I’ve wanted and more. It runs shallow, it’s fun, it poles easily, and it catches fish (with or without my help [See: Mullet jumping into the boat at Mosquito and hitting me in the face]).

Ankona Boats has recently released a new line of micro skiff called the ShadowCast…and man are they nice. Ankona has been gaining traction in the micro skiff market the last few years with their SUV line of skiffs, as well as the Copperhead. They are all really nice vessels, and I encourage you to check them out. The ShadowCast, however, changes the game for affordability and skinnyability (I know that’s not a word but I’m going to stick with it).

Here’s what Mel at Ankona had to say about the ShadowCast during its debut:

We’ve just launched our new small tunnel skiff, the ShadowCast.  Designed to run with 10-20hp, it allows the angler long days on the water with minimal fuel usage.  Its small size makes it easy to launch and retrieve even at unimproved ramps and opens up new territories for fishing.  Like all Ankona’s, all hand laid, no-wood contruction, with a full composite stringer system and flat honeycomb cored floor.  Custom configurations available…

Length: 16′
Beam: 54″
Weight: 240lbs
HP: 10-20
Transom Height: 17″

Price:  Hulls Starting at $3950

Not too shabby; and look at that price point! You can add power to a basic hull for under $8k! These slick looking little guys make me want to put in an order immediately.

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