First Look – Allen Alpha II

Allen Fly Fishing is a fairly new company, started in 2008. I honestly hadn’t heard of them until someone posted a photo of the Alpha II on a forum network a few weeks ago. When I first saw the reel I was drawn in by the slick colors and great design. It looks like it came from the minds at Nautilus or other cutting edge fly reel companies. Heading on over to the Allen Fly Fishing website, I got another shock. The price was only $150! There’s no way a reel this cool could be selling for such a low price, and at the same time promising some of the features in the description.

Here’s Allen’s official description of the Alpha II from their website:

Our dependable carbon disc drag system has been redesigned, and given increased stopping power with our new twin carbon disc drag system. The spool and frame have been thickened and strengthened to stand up to the punishing torque put on the frame during those epic battles!  To top it all off, the frame and spool are machined from bar stock aluminum and stainless steel; allowing this already outstanding looking reel to have a heavy duty, scratch-resistant finish. The Alpha II features an oversized spool design to accommodate more backing, and larger lines!

The Alpha II is an ideal reel for both fresh and saltwater applications, on both traditional single hand rods and two-handers!

They come in two sizes, 3 and 4, for lines ranging from 7-12wt. The size 3 weighs in at 7.75oz and the size 4 at 8.3oz, which is slightly heavier than other ‘market’ leaders. For the price these reels are looking to be an amazing deal.

Onto the photos…




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