Review – Shallow Water Solutions Push Pole Holder

Shallow Water Solutions (SWS) is a company based in Florida that boasts high quality, USA-made, and functional products for your shallow water micro skiff. Back in July after I received my casting platform from Strongarm Products, I was in need of a push pole holding solution. I tried a few different ideas but none of them really fit the bill. I must have gone through three or four different ideas such as holding the push pole between my legs, sliding it under the platform, and using a different holder from another company that screwed into my outboard cowling. None of them really offered an ambidextrous and secure solution to my problem of how to stow the push pole.

Luckily Shallow Water Solutions makes just what I needed. They create many different products out of a hard plastic composite material that wont rust, chip, or break easily from storage, to clips, to holders. I sent them an email and within hours I was on the phone with the owner trying to spec out exactly what I needed. All I had to do was provide a few short measurements and my order was put into production.

Features and Usability

The SWS push pole holder can be adapted to any interface the buyer needs. Flat mounts and clamp mounts seem to be the most common way to attach a push pole holder on a flats skiff. My casting platform’s legs were just over an inch thick so I decided to go with a removable solution that wasn’t permanently mounted; a clamp on holder. Two clamps are used to hold the pivoting block onto my casting platform providing a sturdy fastening solution.

I mentioned earlier that the product needed to be ambidextrous, or able to be utilized from both sides of the skiff. The SWS push pole holder pivots and swivels at two different points for a maximum range of use. The main arm which connects the pole holder to the base pivots or ‘swings’ the push pole holder from the stow away into the various angles of use you may need, and the push pole holder itself also rotates a full 360 degrees allowing me to stow my push pole from either the left or right of my outboard. When poling the skiff in windy conditions this helps a ton and cuts a few seconds off of your pole-stowing time so you can keep your eye on the fish.

Installation was very simple and was easy as screwing in the four clamp bracket screws into place. SWS also includes spare screws and rubber pads free of charge. The rubber pads are used on the mounting base to keep from scratching your expensive poling platform/casting platform, as well as inside the push pole clamp to keep your carbon fiber push pole in mint condition. The push pole clamp itself is very tight and sized perfectly for modern push poles, it fits very snugly and can be tuned to fit your push pole by adding/removing pieces of the rubber pads.

The Company

Dealing with Shallow Water Solutions was a breeze. The communication was quick, fast, and simple. The product development process was great and photos were sent to me of the item being produced via email so I could see the final product while it was being completed ensuring it was to spec.


This push pole holder made by Shallow Water Solutions is the perfect way to stow your push pole after finding those tailing reds or any other species while you’re poling the flats. It folds down so it doesn’t get in your way and saves space, which is a great feature to have on a small skiff such as a Gheenoe. The range of motion these pivoting and rotating pieces of this push pole holding give you has so far proven to be a huge help in being able to put the push pole down at any angle or position, leading to your line getting in the water much faster; and without worrying that your expensive pole is going to slide into the water!



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