Pelican Flats Boats Ambush ‘Pico Skiff’

The Pelican Flats Boats Ambush. This is the cutest little flats boat that you never knew you needed. I fell in love with this miniature flats skiff when I first saw it posted online during the build process of the prototype. You want a kayak? Forget it. You want a paddle board (SUP)? Forget it.

The Ambush can be paddled standing up, it can be paddled sitting down, and it can be motored. That’s right, you can add a small outboard and/or trolling motor to these! I don’t care who you are, these little guys are the coolest new concept to enter the arena in years. I guess we can call them ‘pico skiffs’ (If the term pico skiff takes off I am taking credit for it!).

Here’s what Pelican says about the Ambush:

The Ambush is a unique approach to finding fish fast. This vessel can be used as a paddle board, kayak, and small outboard powered flats machine. With a self bailing cockpit and dry storage hatch this craft is unlike any other on the market. All Pelican products are hand made with composite materials and built to last.

And the specs from their website:

L.O.A   ________________________________________________ 13′

Beam   ________________________________________________ 36″

Weight   _______________________________________________ 125 lbs.

Draft   _________________________________________________ 3″

Capacity   ______________________________________________ 2 persons

Weight capacity   ________________________________________ 375 lbs

Max Hp   ______________________________________________ 6hp

The Ambush comes with a bunch of options and color choices. Even a livewell for live bait. Pelican, take my money!

I would definitely recommend checking these little skiffs out and giving Pelican a shout if you’re interested!

Photos courtesy of the Pelican Flats Boats ‘Whats New‘ blog:


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