Mosquito Lagoon – 8/19-8/22

The lagoon still produces! The fishing is great and the pressure is off the fish. Since the algae bloom almost two months ago now, there has been less and less boats out on the lagoon leaving plenty of hungry fish for those willing to get out there and take their chances. Be sure to get out on the lagoon at day break and start looking for fins as soon as you cut off the motor. The water is still dirty but seemingly getting clearer. I’m not sure if this is due to water levels being lower, or what…but I was back in the NMZ in some REALLY skinny water this last weekend and the water was crystal clear!

The fish are tailing singles with the occasional pair…and the even rarer (right now) school. If you are lucky enough to be out on an overcast or cloudy morning the bite will be good until about 10:30, but if the sky is clear expect the fish to get lock jaw around 9AM from the heat.

As is the norm right now, cast past the fish and drop the bait right on their noses within 12-14″ of their faces and you’ll have a sure hook-up. Any farther than that and you”ll find yourself re-casting three or four times to get the bait in front of the fish.

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report for August 2012


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