First Look – Shallow Water Solutions Snag-Free Push Pole Brackets

As you may or may not know, Shallow Water Solutions (SWS) makes awesome skiff accessories out of composite materials and I did a review on their fold-down push pole holder a little while back. This month, we have a set of their Snag-Free Push Pole Holders to take a look at.

These push pole brackets are made from the same strong black composite material which I think is almost like delrin in nature…I should probably contact SWS and ask what exactly it is. When I do I will post a follow up in the full review of these brackets I hope to finish this fall. These ‘snag-free’ brackets are different from the traditional push pole brackets since they do not extend past the bases they are mounted on, leaving a more ‘clean’ mount on the deck of your skiff as to not tangle with any fly lines or other lines you may have swaying in the wind.

They seem to have the same quality construction as the push pole holder, and I can’t wait to put them through their paces on my new skiff when it arrives next weekend! Stay tuned for more on that as well.



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