LED-Light Your Skiff on the Cheap

While night fishing or running in the early morning it’s always nice to have ambient lighting on your skiff to help you find things and rig up. Head lamps can be a pain and handheld flashlights just roll all over the place while moving around. Ambient lighting is nothing new, and is available as an option on many modern skiff builds from the factory. What if you are doing a budget build or you don’t feel like dropping a couple hundred on lighting?

Enter the LED. Some companies charge an arm and a leg for LED systems, but Oznium.com sells quality LED products at reasonable prices. LEDs start at just $3.29 each for a surface mount single LED and are very easy to wire up. If you can remember that the red wire is power and the black wire is black, they are as easy to install as a battery in a remote (with some added snipping and heat-shrinking).

I used LED lights from Oznium.com on my previous skiff build, a tricked out Gheenoe NMZ (photos below). The product I used was their flexible silicone encased LED strips. These are basically sealed strips of LEDs (shown left) that are waterproof and shock proof. They are very bright, and come in an array of colors to choose from. The best part? They were only  $14.99 each! That beats the heck out of $120 each, or even $40 each that some of the top brands were asking for their products.

Take a look at the photos below for the after shots with the lights turned on in the old skiff.



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