The Little Ol’ Hell’s Bay Skate

Does anyone remember the Hell’s Bay Skate? In 2010 Hell’s Bay announced the ‘Skate’, a tiny micro skiff only 12.9 feet in length and boasting the classic Hell’s Bay quality one would come to expect from them. Sadly, the Hell’s Bay Skate has been discontinued at this time in 2012 and can only be found on the used skiff market. The Skate was originally intended as a tiny, I guess ‘micro micro skiff’ to tackle extremely skinny water and creeks. The simple layout was perfect for fly fisherman trying to hunt some really spooky fish out on the flats.

Here’s the specs from Hell’s Bay when they had the web page up for this little skiff:

LOA: 12’9”
Beam: 3’9”
Draft: 3” (w/fuel and 15hp tiller)
Weight: 250lbs (dry)
Fuel: 6 gal. (Aluminum baffled and powder coated)
Max HP: 15

Personally, I love this little ol’ Hell’s Bay Skate! I’m a huge fan of utilitarian form with a great cosmetic finish. The skinny water I normally fish out in the lagoons is perfect for a skiff like this. Unfortunately, it carries the Hell’s Bay premium even as their old ‘affordable offering’ at $16,000 new from the factory.

Maybe one day a Hell’s Bay Skate will come up for sale in my area…just maybe!

Below is a video walk-through Sam Root @ did a few years ago:


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  1. Jon Bull says:

    It was a great little skiff. I spent some time with this skiff but never on the water. Loved it!

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