Mosquito Lagoon – 10/14/12

The North end of Mosquito Lagoon continues to produce. Slot reds can be found all along the shorelines of the various island and flats in the area. Keep looking for fish cruising the shorelines busting up small schools of minnows. The wind was howling this weekend which made for horrible fly fishing conditions, but fish could still be caught with a well placed artificial on spin tackle. The island and creeks of the North end provided good cover for the angler in the photo below to catch a few nice redfish before lunch.

There are lots of trout laid up in the grass beds of the North end as well, but they are very spooky. Blind casting into potholes between grass flats while searching for tailing reds seems to be the only way to find them before they see you. How about some clear water reports too? For the first time in almost four months clear water has finally made it’s appearance in the lagoon. A good 8-10″ of visibility and healthy green grass was a welcome sight on the lagoon, and the ability to see fish almost 20-30 feet away doesn’t hurt!

Mosquito Lagoon fishing report for October 14, 2012


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