Fly Tie Tuesday: Improved Deep Cover Shrimp

Fly Tie Tuesday is a new series where a side by side tutorial of how to tie an inshore fly will be posted up for you to try at home. Send any requests for flies to

Improved Deep Cover Shrimp

Normally the ‘Deep Cover Shrimp’ is done either with no weight or with a bead eye/extra-small lead eye so the tailsection of the shrimp drops down before the head which has the thicker foam taper.

This ‘improved’ version has a medium lead eye and uses deer hair/EP silly brush instead of craft fur. It’s an awesome pattern for redfish on the flats (or any shrimp-eating species such as black drum, though you might want something in a darker pattern for them), especially ones burrowing down into ‘deep cover’ trying to find crustaceans.

This can also be tied without any weight for a sub-surface fly.

Materials Needed:

  • Natural deer hair bucktail (You’re using the tan hair on it)
  • EP fiber silly brush w/ micro legs in ‘rootbeer’
  • SL12S or Mustad big game long shank size 2
  • EP shrimp eyes (Black or orange)
  • Pumpkin/tan silly legs
  • Tan/brown thread
  • Weedguard material (I use 40# clear mono for this)
  • Tan colored foam sheet (I dont know what size thickness I used, If there was a choice of S/M/L it would be the M size)



Thread your hook.

Add EP eyes.

Add one silly leg.

Add deer hair.

Flip/rotate hook and add lead eye adjacent to hook eye.

Flip/rotate back over and add your EP silly brush material. After tying the end on make one full wrap with the EP material and then tie it off once or twice with the thread so it doesn’t unravel.

Tie on your foam sheet. I cut a .5″x1.25″ tan piece of foam out of my full foam sheet. Then I trimmed a tapered ‘V’ shape out of that so make the top of the shrimp body, this way it will taper smaller towards the hook eye.

Note: I untied my foam and did some adjustments here to make the ‘body’ a little bit longer. I moved the foam and EP fiber tie down a few millimeters down the shank towards the hook barb.

Now, while tightly spinning/curling/tightening the EP fiber strain with your fingers; wrap it around the hook going towards the hook eye and tie it off and trim it behind the lead eye.

Next, add your weedguard. I use the ‘V’ shape method on this one. After that, pull the small tapered end of your ‘V’ foam piece and tie it down between the lead eye and the hook eye.

Flip/rotate the fly and put a dab of glue on the threads.

All done, let the glue dry, snip the thread, and go fish!



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