Mosquito Lagoon – 11/1-11/2/12

Went back out on Mosquito Lagoon finally this past week. Hurricane Sandy swept off the coast of Florida in late October leaving fishermen with 15-25MPH winds for a week straight. Needless to say it was not a good time to be fishing, especially fly fishing. I called up my buddy Todd Barker who’s currently working at Hell’s Bay and we hit the flats two days in a row to check out some new spots in the Central Lagoon area as well as some tiny back creeks which can hold fish during the cold snap which moved in after the hurricane. That turned out to be a lot of fun! We ended up catching a few tarpon each both days and jumped a bunch more. We even caught something I never thought I would see; a snook! I have personally never seen a snook inside the boundaries of the MINWR lagoon system, so that was a real surprise for the morning.

After hitting the shallow creeks we headed over to the flats on the East side of the lagoon and searched for reds. The fish are still layed up on the shorelines, but be mindful of the water temperature while you’re fishing. This last week was the first cold snap of the winter season, and the fish responded to it with sealed jaws. The bite didn’t turn on until the early afternoon around 12:00 on the second day we went out. As the water warms up again the bite should come on earlier and earlier. Natural patterned flies turned heads early in the morning, but the ticket in the afternoon was a dark colored black/purple redfish toad.

It was a great two days out on the water, and it will only get better as winter progresses. Bring on the black drum!

Mosquito Lagoon fishing report for November 2012.


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