New Products from Allen Fly Fishing

Allen Fly Fishing has released two new products this week just in time for some last-minute holiday shopping. The first of which is not ‘new’ but is a new colorway of reel. Allen released a ‘burnt orange’ anodized reel recently and it looks very nice!

The second product is a new rod series called the ‘Compass’. Here is Allen’s description of it:

The Compass was developed to give maximum performance and value without breaking the bank.  A great rod for casters and anglers of all skill levels!  The medium fast action is well suited to a variety of line types and fishing applications.  The rod is finished to our high standards with a blue gray blank and tightly woven green wraps, for a look that is as unique as it is attractive.

It’s available in a 6WT as well as 8WT for your saltwater fly fishing needs if desired.

New Allen Products - 2012 Dec


New Allen Products - 2012 Dec



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