Mosquito Lagoon – 1/26/13

It’s been cold outside! The last few days leading up this weekend have been chilly to say the least. Temperatures in the low 40’s for the past four days have¬†brought¬†the water temperatures down considerably and the fish are showing it. Early morning action has been sluggish and the fish are waiting for the afternoon sun to come up on the flats and start schooling. We headed out at daybreak Saturday morning and poled a few flats only to find very few fish that were very spooky. They would make a run for it at the slightest change in water pressure from the skiff coming near.

Moving to another spot and fishing the sandy shorelines proved successful. I’m assuming the sandy areas of the flats reflect sunlight better and allow the fish in these spots to warm up. I wasn’t able to fly fish that day since I was playing ‘guide’ for the girl, she brought in a few reds on a gulp shrimp. No such thing as a bad day on the water!

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report for January 26, 2013

Mosquito - Winter - Amber - Redfish (4)



Mosquito - Winter - Amber - Redfish (1)


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