Fly Tie Tuesday: The McCritter

Fly Tie Tuesday is a new series where a side by side tutorial of how to tie an inshore fly will be posted up for you to try at home. Send any requests for flies to

The McCritter

It’s not a shrimp, it’s not a crab, it’s a McCritter. Kind of like a McNugget…this is a tasty orange morsel of a critter that fish just can’t resist. This is a great unweighted finesse fly for those days the fish just won’t eat anything else, or are spooked by a fly with any weight to it hitting the water.

Check it out!

Materials Needed:

  • Pink deer hair bucktail
  • Orange EP fiber brush w/ micro legs
  • SL12S or Mustad big game long shank size 2
  • EP shrimp eyes (Black or orange, I used my own mono eyes I made for this tutorial but EP eyes would be better)
  • Brown hackle
  • Brown thread
  • Weedguard material (I use 40# clear mono for this)



Thread your hook.

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrimp

Add the EP/mono eyes.

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrimp


Add the pink deer hair. Judge the amount by the photo below.

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrimp


Splay two brown hackle feather tips on the sides of the shank.

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrimp

Tie in the EP strand by the tip of the metal wire it comes on.

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrimp

Palmer the EP strand and tie off the strand with some thread wraps just under the hook eye.

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrim

Snip your EP strand and bend down the pointy piece of metal you just made by cutting the metal wire (if you dont bend it down it will cut your thread on this next step).

Make a bunch of thread wraps just under the hook eye while pulling the EP fibers towards the hook bend. Add some glue, and you’re done!

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrim

Finished. Now go feed some fish these little McNuggets- I mean McCritters.

Fly Tie Tuesday - McShrimp


3 thoughts on “Fly Tie Tuesday: The McCritter”

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  1. nightfly says:

    Nice. A sbs fly every week would be cool. I tie something very similar with craft fur instead of bucktail

    1. Administrator says:

      I will try to get these up more frequently…I tie allot of flies at once, and taking all the photos is not the most fun thing ever, haha. Check back often!

  2. Vince says:

    awesome somehow i stumbled here from the customgheenoe forum glad i did… my fly tying sucks. lol

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