Help Monitor Charlotte Harbor Seagrass

The Snook Foundation posted an update on their Facebook page this morning about monitoring the Seagrass and its development in the Charlotte Harbor area. Seagrass is a very important part of the saltware flats ecosystem and houses many small creatures which form the basis of the flats food chain. Fish such as redfish, spotted sea trout, and snook all benefit from the seagrass beds which cover many Florida skinny water ecosystems.

You can help monitor the seagrass around Charlotte Hardbor with the following information:

The Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves Seagrass Monitoring Program is always looking for volunteers. Please contact Mindy Brown at the DEP Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves office in Punta Gorda if interested. Mindy’s telephone number is (941) 575-5861 or she may be reached by email at

You can also find more information at their website by clicking here.

Lend a hand and save the seagrass!

Seagrass Conservation


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