All Alone in the Indian River Backcountry

We hitched up the skiff yesterday and decided to do some mid-week fishing since the wind forecast was promising. The wind in Florida lately has been a nightmare for fly fishing and with any break you can find, you better take it. We made our way to a promising shoreline out of the wind but that provided to be way to skinny (even for the ShadowCast we were on). The wind coming out of the East drained out a few inches of water from the already low levels and it was just impossible to do what I had done a few days before.

There was a backcountry creek I’ve been wanting to fish for almost a year now but never got the urge to break out of my normal patterns to do so- today was the day, and it was amazing. This new area was full of fish and me and my buddy Todd had at least 3 shots each at fish just feet from the boat in the muddy, almost black backcountry water.

Dark black and purple patterns work best in this situation, the fish seemed to be feeding on leeches and batfish up on the shorelines in less than 4″ of water.

Amazing sight to see!

IRL Backcountry Report

IRL Backcountry Report 4

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