Visiting the Hell’s Bay Boatworks Facility

A few days ago I got to visit the Hell’s Bay Boatworks facility while meeting up with a friend and looking at some parts for my own skiff. The Hell’s Bay facility is amazing and lots of care goes into the creation of these staple fishing machines. Seeing the showroom can leave you in awe, but what is more awe-inspiring is how they keep all of the equipment for each customer’s build in check throughout the whole process from start to finish. What’s neat about it, is when the deposit for a new skiff is put down- every single piece and part of the skiff down to the screws, clamps, and trim tabs is collected into a locker for each boat. Now that’s organization!

Sorry for some of the blurry photos, I was “running and gunning” as to not be in the way of the work being done.

Before I rant for too long, here’s a photo tour of the showroom and shop:

When driving up, you’re greeted by a skiff hull just sitting as a lawn ornament.

Hells Bay Tour Visit

The Hell’s Bay entrance sign.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 2

The lobby area.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 3

Hell’s Bay Hull #1! This is the first, original, Hell’s Bay hull ever made.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 4

A customer skiff being refinished after a mishap.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 5

In the foreground is an older Hell’s Bay being refinished for a customer. Behind that, a new skiff being worked on.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 6

Deck mold being worked on.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 7

In the paint booth.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 8

A hull being vacuum bagged.

Hells Bay Tour Visit 9

If you’re ever in the area, stop by Hell’s Bay and check it out!


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