Intros and Fish Bros

One of the great miracles of our age is that we get to use the internet to connect and collaborate with people across the globe. I came across tails_up by chance on Instagram (search him at @tails_up)¬†where he was posting up a bunch of legit fish caught on a fly rod. Thing was, he was over in Florida while I’m down here on the coast of Texas – way different water. Still, we had a lot in common – young guys getting out there and chasing tail on fly – so when he came to me with the idea of getting a team together and joining forces for 8wt Mafia, I was all ears. I’ll be chiming in with reports and good old-fashioned fish porn, as well as be putting together some tips for things like casting in the wind¬† – FFF Certified Casting Instructor here. If you’re looking to get more info concerning fly slingin’ on the Texas coast, be sure to stop by my blog at or just keep reading more on the 8wt mafia here.




Baby Poon from the jetty – yeah baby.

Keep it salty.


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