New Fishing Apparel: Jigalode

Jigalode is a new fishing apparel company launched this year in 2013 by a few guys down in South Florida. They currently have a few items up on their web store such as hats, shirts, and microfibers with a bunch of neat designs. The designs, to me at least, are reminiscent of a more preppy and clean than edgy lowcountry style such as Southern Tide- which is awesome! One of their designs has one of our favorite skinny water (and sometimes deep water) fish on it, the great megalops.

An excerpt of what Jigalode has to say about themselves:

Designed by fishermen who understand the importance of a good cut,  Jigalode compromises neither quality nor style in the name of comfort. Instead, we put in the same work and sweat into our designs and thread selection as we do into reelin’ in a good catch.

Jigalode designs each begin with a hand drawn sketch. Much like the careful preparation that goes into selecting bait, the designs are meticulously crafted to reflect our biggest inspirations – water and the creatures who wander through it.

Check them out at their website here.

Jigalode Apparel 2

Jigalode Apparel


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