2013 Tampa Outdoors Expo Show Photos

Check out these photos from the 2013 Tampa Outdoors Expo that took place last weekend. The show had a great turnout and had a ton of booths to choose from. Lures, clothing, and some great skiffs were all in attendance.

Photos courtesy of firecat1981.

Ankona Boats:

Tampa Expo 2013 8

Tampa Expo 2013 12

Custom Gheenoe:

Tampa Expo 2013 9

Tampa Expo 2013 4

Tampa Expo 2013 5

Pelican with the Ambush at the Dorado booth:


Tampa Expo 2013 11

Sundance skiff. Never heard of it, but looks nice:

Tampa Expo 2013 2

Tampa Expo 2013 7

East Cape Skiffs:

Tampa Expo 2013

Tampa Expo 2013 6


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  1. Reelissues says:

    it was a great turn out, talk to ecc and ankona both were very nice and helpful, most defiantly going to attend next year.

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