Save the Tarpon is on a Roll!

Another big name sponsor has dropped from the list of large companies supporting the Professional Tournament Tarpon Series (PTTS). This time, it’s Miller’s Ale House. Save the Tarpon is a group of conservationists and individuals in the fishing community who want to end the practice of ‘jigging’ for tarpon. The main purveyor of ‘jigging’ (for profits and airtime) has been the PTTS which touts itself on TV and online as the largest tarpon tournament in Florida.

Through boycots, letter writing, and phone calls, Save the Tarpon and it’s supporters have gotten big names to drop their support for the PTTS.

I support Save the Tarpon and their efforts thus far. I am not a hippie, I am not a PETA freak- I care about the fish I see every day out on the water and don’t want to see them exploited by people on huge sponsored bay boats winning cash prizes and TV notoriety.

All hail the silver king! Save the megalops!

Say thanks to all of the sponsors who have dropped their sponsorship of the PTTS! If you can, join in and contribute to Save the Tarpon, The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, or even the CCA. Every bit of volunteer work and donations help save the sport fish you love to catch every weekend!

Save the Tarpon Sponsor Drop Listing Flyer


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  1. Vince says:

    good I’m tired of everyone jumping on made for tv band wagons fishing doesn’t have to the next American chopper i always thought it was cool will always thinks its cool and the less people who do, more secret spots for me 🙂

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