Mosquito Lagoon Redfish are Sexist

What a weekend, full of fish and failure. First for the fish part. Headed out Saturday since I haven’t fished in almost 3-4 weeks due to the cold fronts and wind howling all over Florida. Saturday was great weather-wise. The wind help up at about 6mph all day with no gusts. My girl and I were able to do some great scouting around Mosquito Lagoon and found some sweet winter holes and creeks that are holding fish right now. She was throwing the spin rod as usual and pulled out two nice reds (below) from the ‘goon. Both of them were pretty hefty fish,┬ádefinitely┬ánot the dinks she normally finds around the shorelines! It was a pleasant surprise to hear the drag on my stradics finally going for long runs.

No fish for me on this Saturday, though. Enter: the fail. As we switched spots and she poled me around, I had multiple shots at fish all afternoon. What did I do? Line every single one of them with the 6wt. Not one, not two, but I must have lined at least four fish that day. Whatever, you’ve done it too so don’t judge me.

The fish in mosquito lagoon are obviously sexist since they didn’t eat my flies.

Sunday was the fishing trip from hell. Miserable. We decided to scout out some new areas North of where we were previously, and that was a disaster. I ended up poling us about 500 yards into 3-4″ of water to the point where my ShadowCast was hitting bottom. Big mistake. It took almost two and a half hours to pole out of it and there went the whole morning. We hit up a few other spots because, according to the weather man (who sucks by the way), it was supposed to be 2-3mph winds all day. NOT. The wind started gusting over 10mph the rest of the day, leading to a monumental cluster of a bad day on the water.

Oh well! Only 5 more days until we get to try again…

Mosquito Lagoon - Reds w The Woman - 2013 (4)

Mosquito Lagoon - Reds w The Woman - 2013 (1)


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