The Tarpon Are Coming!

But they aren’t here yet. Water temps just haven’t crept up far enough for them to show up at their usual haunts here on the Texas coast, so we watch and we wait. But in the meantime, we fish!

Over the Easter weekend I was lucky enough to get to fish with some talented fly slinging buddies of mine, and we found some bait getting crashed within casting range of a local jetty. Spanish mackerel and bonita have moved in close to the rocks following the rain bait, and it’s only a matter of time until kings and tarpon make their presence known in large numbers. ‘Til then, we catch a few of the smaller pelagics and bide our time.

Capt Ken Jones blasts a loop into a stiff onshore breeze.


Yours truly. That 8wt is about to let’er rip! I believe I caught a fish on this cast too.


After a good day of walking the rocks and picking up some s’macks, we headed out in a buddy’s panga to see if we couldn’t find something a little beefier to play with.


There’s jacks in them there swells!


I apologize for the lack of focus – fading light and 3-5′ swells weren’t helping, but I managed this guy before the light was gone!

This is the kind of dastardly behavior we sink to while waiting for the tarpon to arrive. Disgusting, I know. It gets us by though.

‘Til next time, keep it salty.

Austin Orr


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