Fly Tie Tuesday – Secret Snook Fly

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Secret Snook Fly

High in the Lowlands Screenshot Snook Fly

Well, it’s not really a secret. We’ve all seen the video ‘High in the Lowlands’ about all those monster snook in the ‘glades. If you are observant, you can see in a few scenes what flies are being used and they even hold them up a few times to the camera. When I first saw it, I was shocked at how big the hook was! It was essentially a wide-gap soft plastic hook with a fly tied to it. Never would have thought of that, then again those guys in the video have much more ‘glades time than I do on the fly.

I recently went over to a buddies house and he just happened to have these huge hooks in his fly hook box. I rhetorically asked: “What are these for?” He explained: “Snook flies.” I grabbed a few of those hooks and ran to the tying bench to try and figure out how in the hell they did it.

This is my version of the fly. I dont know if this is how they tied it up, or even if the materials are right. From the looks of it and from my experience duplicating flies I see, this is how I do it…

Materials Needed:

  • Black deer bucktail
  • Black deer belly
  • Large gap soft plastic hook
  • Black thread



Instruction Makers Note: Excuse my blurry or unfocused photos. Getting a cheap olympus camera to focus on a thin hook is a nightmare!

Gather your junk…

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff


Seat your hook and thread on some of the black thread on just the ‘head’ portion of the hook.

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff


Cut some black deer bucktail, and wrap around it good and tight.

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff

You will notice here that the hair is pointing down. We don’t want that, we want the hair pointing towards the hook barb! But how do you do that? Easy.


Lift up the deer hair that you tied on nice and tight, and start making horizontal wraps underneath the base of the hair where it meets your threads. Do this at least 10-20 times so the hair begins to stay horizontal on the hook like so:

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff

See those horizontal wraps? Kinda? They’re there…


Next, grab that black deer belly and cut a bunch off, tie the deer belly hair down and begin to splay it around the tip to make the ‘head’. This is similar to how you would do a deer hair slider, but on a much more complicated angle.

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff


Add more deer belly hair, and then begin to cut it down. The first photo below is a very small and thin version:

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff


This is a much more bushy version:

Secret Snook Fly High Lowlands SkinnySkiff

Tie off your thread, snip it, add some cement, and you’re good to go.

They don’t look great, and mine sure as hell aren’t winning any awards…but according to the video they catch fish. Give it a try, maybe you’ll hook up too.



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