How to Pole a Skiff

A forum user posed the question ‘How to pole a skiff?’ a few weeks ago. I put in a pretty big response that I feel was almost like an article that I would post here on the main website.

Poling a skiff can be difficult for beginners, so I tried to break it down as easy as I could with some simple movements on how to pole a skiff properly. The full forum post goes into more detail.

Each skiff will pole a little differently and you will need to adjust your pole placement and power accordingly, but for the most part do this:

When standing on the poling platform, identify if it’s better to pole from the left or right side of your body. I pole from my right side, but I know others who do it from the left.

Try to do all skiff movements from that side. You should never need to swing the pole around your head like a baton-twirler unless you need to suddenly back the skiff up.

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