The Glide Photos Keep Glidin’ In…

Sorry, I had to do it. I know, it was a horrible play on words. Anyway…East Cape posted yes another photo set for the Glide on their Facebook page today.

From the photos, it looks like they have front and rear decks on the demo hull, rod holders, and an open front bulkhead. Nice two-tone deck coloway going on as well. Let’s see what else we can spot, a rear hatch and rod holders obviously…if you look closely you can see some ‘still performance’ of the skiff AKA how it sits in the water with one person (~200lbs) and an ETEC 30 (~170lbs) on the back.

One of these day’s I’m going to catch them testing the skiff on Lake Conway!

Check out the new East Cape Glide photos below, or visit their Facebook page for more.

East Cape Glide Photos 613 SkinnySkiff

East Cape Glide Photos 613 SkinnySkiff 3

East Cape Glide Photos 613 SkinnySkiff 2


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