New Sage Fly Rods for 2013..No More TCX?

Sage is my new favorite rod company. I’ve never been much of a Loomis guy…I don’t know why. Something about the rods just doesn’t ‘do it’ for me. The NRX line is really nice, though. Maybe one day I will get to try one out for an extended period of time to warm up to it. Anyway- we’re here to talk about Sage. According to the Official Sage Fly Fishing Blog they have two new rods coming out this summer which will be available in August 2013.

The first one is called the Method. This is a new ultra-fast action premium rod that will come in fresh and saltwater styles. Given Sage’s background on ultra-fast rods like the TCR, TCX, and Xi3, this new rod should be a winner. Sage chose to go with a red blank and black reel seat which reminds me of the aforementioned Sage TCR which was loved by lots of anglers. The new Method series will retail around $700-$1000. This begs the question: What is the fate of the ultra-fast Sage TCX line? Supposedly, it is being discontinued? Notice the question mark at the end of that phrase. I just this week picked up a 6 weight TCX for my lagoon ‘fun stick’ for redfish and it’s no wonder I got such a good price. Cabelas, among other small fly shops, is clearancing out their TCX line for $499. That’s down from the $780 MSRP these rods had just last month.

The second one is the Motive. The Motive is slated to be the new budget saltwater rod from Sage. Normally when someone asks for a saltwater Sage rod, they are usually told to find a used RPLXi or Xi2 which can be had for $300-$400 these days in great condition if you find the right deal. The new Motive will retail for $480 and be available in the full saltwater range of sizes. Now, since this is a budget rod, you can’t expect the latest and greatest technology to be built into it. Already in their blog post about the rod’s release, Sage made no mention of the ‘Konnetic’ technology which they use in all of their high end Generation 5 models like the TCX, Xi3, and ONE series. I would think of this new Motive rod as Sage’s answer to the Loomis PRO4x series. It’s built in the same facility with the same high-end principles, it just doesn’t have the full gamut of awesome technologies the $800 rods have.

Also, notice the rod weight stamped on the new Motive rod in the photo below…

New rods below:



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