Skiffs We Like – Maverick 17 HPX Micro Tiller

 Maverick Boats has been building sick skiffs for a long time now. From the old Maverick Mirage to today’s HPX series, they are putting out solid flats skiffs one would aspire to own. When I first got the fish hunting addiction years ago on the flats of Central Florida one of my friends owned a 2006 18 HPX center console that we fished out of every weekend for a summer. That boat rekindled my love for the water during college…and I do not regret one second of it!

Would I buy a Maverick myself if I had the money? Maybe. There are so many options these days, but one of my options would definitely be the 17 HPX Micro tiller. Combine Maverick’s clean rigging, molded liners and such, and the performance of their HPX series- we have a winner. This is a sweet skiff with big performance, and none of the extra weight a center console might add. Count on getting super skinny with one of these…

Check out these shots:


Maverick 17 HPX Tiller

Maverick 17 HPX Tiller 1

Photo above taken by as per the watermark.

Maverick 17 HPX Tiller 2

Photo above taken by Pat Ford as per the watermark.


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