Nautilus Fly Reels at iCast 2013

Nautilus fly fishing reels is based here in Florida (Miami, FL to be exact) which is awesome. It’s always cool to see awesome reels being made not only in the USA but right here in your own backyard. They have been making awesome reels for years back before they were even called ‘Nautilus’. The FWX series has become super popular due to it’s light weight and stylish design. They made an appearance at iCast 2013 this year and showcased a new version of their CCF reel. The FWX line will go unchanged through 2013, good news for anyone who planned to upgrade or just bought an FWX. You’re wallet will be that much heavier!

Check out the photo below, courtesy of Capt. Honson Lau who attended the show on behalf of Nautilus. He posted these photos on Facebook this week…

Nautilus iCast 2013-1

Nautilus iCast 2013-2



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