Mosquito Lagoon Bonefishing

See this fish? Well good, because I whipped a fly at it 27 times and it gave me the middle finger for each one.

See this fish? Well good, because I whipped a fly at it 27 times and it gave me the middle finger for each one.

“Mosquito Lagoon bonefishing”. I hereby declare this phrase acceptable for use after this week’s shenanigans. I didn’t make the phrase up, so I can’t take credit for that. What I can do is share the frustration of whoever first coined it. Just like the bonefish aka the ‘ghost of the flats’, the fish in Mosquito Lagoon have been playing tricks on anglers better than anything Harry Houdini could have come up with.

The lagoon system in East Central Florida has been experiencing another algae bloom which turns the water into a dirty dark mess and makes it nearly impossible to partake in the usual sight fishing that Mosquito has to offer. The bloom has been getting better in certain areas, and when you see clean water you will always find fish.

Well, I found the fish (and the clear water seen below [photos thanks to Justin “@tails_up”¬†and his crafty iPhone skills])…or some super-smart ‘bonefish’ versions of the same fish I have been outsmarting for years.

The fish we found on the gin-clear flats areas of the lagoon this week were “mosquito lagoon bonefish”. These redfish have been the most perceptive, skittish, and environmentally-super-powered fish in the world. What the hell does that mean? They see your leaders, they see your sloppy knots, they scoff at any old fly pattern that normally works, and they are given ‘super powers’ by the gigantic matted seagrass beds below them. As soon as the fish spook sense or see you closing in on them, they cease to keep waking in the water and stop tailing. They merely sink to the bottom and slowly use the thick seagrass to make their escape right under your nose, OR they sit there and tail for minutes. The fish flag you over with their happy tails waving in the air, only to not see a single fly you throw at them due to the thick grass. If that’s not the best environmental handicap I don’t know what is.

I digress. We are fly fishing. We are hunting. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Don’t get me wrong, fish are being caught. Every school is going to have a few retards, but with the number of fish that are out there right now I should be having epic days, not hair-pulling obscenity-screaming days.

Some mornings have been perfect….and what does mother nature do when she finds out you find pristine water in the middle of a horrendous algae bloom and perfect conditions? She screws you. That’s what she does. Despite what the pictures in this posting show. The wind across Florida has been horrible this summer. Can an angler get a break?

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