New Strongarm Products ‘Shippable’ Poling Platform

Strongarm Products keeps the innovation train moving with their new line of poling platforms. Have you ever wanted a quality poling platform for a new skiff, custom skiff build, or just replacing an old platform on your used skiff? Sometimes finding a quality welder in your area who is experienced in marine platforms is a tough task…look no further than the Strongarm Products webstore. These new platforms came from the need to ‘ship’ them out of state to customers far away from the South Florida home of Strongarm.

High in the Lowlands Platform Ex

The new platforms from Strongarm will be the same excellent quality they offer in their special edition packages, but will incorporate a welded in mating surface that allow you to screw the legs onto the top of the platform for a sturdy assembly. All platforms come with the Strongarm ‘applied design finish’ underneath, available in any custom pattern or color you could want. All platforms also come with your choice of AquaTraction padding (similar to SeaDek).

Still having doubt about a platforms stability? Click on the image to the right for a larger view. That screenshot is from our favorite movie ever of all time ‘High in the Lowlands’…and that skiff is a Hell’s Bay. The method used is the same and it won’t fail you if it didn’t fail them!

Strongarm Products JonBoat Project 2013

Strongarm Products JonBoat Project 2013


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  1. ryan says:

    awesome bob always comes up with the coolest stuff aswell as top notch finishes

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