Power-Pole Micro: A Need or A Want?

This year at iCast Power-Pole released information about a new upcoming product dubbed the ‘Micro’. Power-Pole is known for their full size hydraulic skiff staking poles that act as shallow water anchors. With the push of a button, you can stay put on a flat or any shallow water area. Normally Power-Pole products run well over $1000 for a single unit (some skiffs have two of them) which made them expensive. The new Power-Pole Micro is not only half the price, but is also less than half the weight of a full size Power-Pole. The new Power-Pole micro is set to be less than 15 pounds and cost less than $600. But is it needed?

PowerPole Micro Skiff AnchorSince the products debut, many discussions have been started on various online forums about the need to an automatic anchor system of this caliber. Sure, larger more ‘tricked-out’ skiffs have the full sized Power-Poles on them because the boat itself can handle the weight of the unit, but the Micro version is targeting a different market. You could call it the ‘budget’ market, but at $600 the unit still isn’t really ‘budget’ at all. The smaller skiffs such as the IPB 14 (pictured), Gheenoe, and small 16 foot or less skiffs that this new Power-Pole Micro is targeted for are all low-budget skiffs (and don’t forget kayaks!). So does the owner of one of these really need something to automatically push down a $50 5/8″ fiberglass pole?

Besides the fact that it doesn’t matter what anyone buys, their money is theirs to do what they please- People are still debating the practicality of this device. From what I’ve gathered, the Power-Pole micro will be a ‘convenience’ item. It’s not needed by any means, but the proposed features and what I’ve seen it do in the video below will allow it to make fishing easier for certain anglers. Do you fish on a kayak and take photos of your fish before releasing it? With your hands full, this product will probably make your workflow after hooking up with a nice picture-worthy fish much easier. Are you on a 14′ Johnson skiff with a rope tied to your platform and your stake-out pole always readily available behind you and with plenty of room on the skiff to move around quickly? You probably won’t need this product.

The two sides to the argument that I’ve been reading online are this: It’s an amazing product that will help out solo fishermen or guys with limited space to quickly move around while landing a fish, and the other being it’s a waste of money which would be better spent on rods or gas (not to mention a stake-out pole can be pushed into the ground with your hands in about 3 seconds). Something we haven’t seen from the product itself since it is so new is an unbiased review on how the motor which drives the anchor pin will actually work or how strong it is. Will you be able to penetrate hard gravel, or packed sand like you would with a swift and hard push of your arm?

Whichever way you feel, new products in the market are never a bad thing. Innovation is positive and in the future I’m sure another company will come around with a similar idea that drives the price down of this unit, not to mention future revisions of the same product. Buy what you can, when you can…and enjoy your days out on the water!

Product Video:


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