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FishWare Outfitters is a newcomer to the fishing apparel game. FishWare was started in 2012 by two brothers and has evolved into a full service performance fishing apparel company in 2013. Their current offerings are sure to catch your attention.

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report Redfish SkinnySkiffCom July2013I’ve posted a few photos on the instagram and Facebook feeds for SkinnySkiff recently showing off some of their gear. FishWare was kind enough to send me some product samples to test out and I’m happy to say their performance gear…performed quite well. FishWare’s product line currently includes face masks and performance microfiber gear for men and women. Woman can choose from one style of microfiber long sleeve and men have two lines of performance apparel, a vented microfiber long sleeve as well as a ‘guide’ series PFG-style long sleeve shirt.

The designs offered by FishWare are clean and catchy. My girl especially liked the woman’s microfiber in coral red which was shown in a bunch of photos I put up a few weeks ago on instagram with her catches of the day out on Mosquito Lagoon. I wore the men’s vented microfiber long sleeve out four weeks in a row and it put up to my abuse quite well. The vented sides were a nice touch, kept me nice a cool. The stitching on the FishWare products is good and nothing came apart from use. I have seen plenty of overseas-made products fall apart after purchase. I’m also a big push-pole-to-leg guy when poling around on the flats. Don’t know what that means? Basically I use my hip and quads sometimes to push the boat in a certain direction while the pole is planted down and this can tear through some companies microfiber products in just a few short weeks. The FishWare products are still going strong and show no signs of tearing.

Photo of me with a FishWare shirt trying to be 'geofish' in a mangrove tunnel. I failed.

Photo of me with a FishWare shirt trying to be ‘geofish’ in a mangrove tunnel. I failed.

Another product they offer is the ‘revamped’ face mask. I like the idea of having huge mesh vents on the facemask to keep your glasses from fogging up while breathing. I did a review on Breathe Like a Fish products earlier this year and their facemask uses a similar concept in a smaller scale. The new masks from FishWare performed just fine and allowed me to avoid fogging my goggles, but the mesh allowed a few noseeums to bite me in the face while poling close to mangroves early in the morning. No bueno there. If you aren’t a hardcore bug attractor like me that enjoys pain just to find a baby tarpon, this mask should be just fine for you and keep your glasses from fogging out in open water.

One thing I wanted in their product line was a standard microfiber for men which is not currently offered. I see why some people might enjoy the breezy vented long sleeves, but they’re just not my style. To each their own I guess. Hopefully FishWare will release a non-vented men’s microfiber in the future!

Their product range is available in tons of colors and styles to fit anyones personal taste. I definately recommend you check them out at!

FishWare Apparel SkinnySkiffCom 2

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report Redfish SkinnySkiffCom July2013


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