Fly Tie Friday? The Lovin’ Spoonful

I haven’t done a fly tie segment in awhile because I simply haven’t been at the bench recently. I filled my boxes up before summer and haven’t lost too many flies, so sorry about that. Good thing is, new forum member Bryan who goes by the name of ‘flyfishSC’ has offered to do a sweet fly tie SBS for a spoon fly! Everybody give a round of applause for Bryan, because this tie is awesome. Here’s what Bryan has to say about the fly and how it came about:

I came up with it as a solution to stained water or low light conditions when the reds were having a hard time finding my fly.  makes a little noise and does a good job reflecting whatever light is available.


Mustad c70sd 1/0 hook
Danville 210 denier thread
Krystal Flash
Small worm rattle
Small brass dumbell eyes.
50# mono line
5 minute epoxy
Sharpee marker
S Hanson’s hard as nails clear polish.
Glitter gold nail polish – ghetto style (optional)


Start with a 1/0 Mustad C70SD hook. Vise should be tight.  Place slight bend in hook for spoon shape.


Tie on your bucktail.


Add flash.

tail flash

Thread wrap tail “parachute” style.  This keeps tail tight and helps prevent fouling.

tail wrap

Add rattle to center of hook shank.


Tie in weighted eyes leaving enough room for tying in mono later.


Tie in two strands of 50# mono. One where tail is tied in and one slightly further up hook bend.  Make sure they are both level and ends point forward.

mono 2

Bring mono closest to the eye forward, criss cross, and tie in on top of hook shank.  Trim off excess.

mono top

Bring remaining mono forward, criss cross, and tie in on bottom of hook shank.

mono bottom

Trim off only one of the mono tags and save other for weed guard.

mono trim

Bring mono tag up and wrap in as a weed guard.  Don’t worry about using a lot of thread on this step it will look fine once epoxied.

mono weedguard

Take 5 minute epoxy and add to the mono skeleton working it inbetween the strands and hook.  After gaps are all filled turn fly hook up and any excess epoxy should form up on the bottom of the rattle.  Remove excess epoxy with whatever applicator you were using to apply.  If whole appears in epoxy after it has started to set don’t panic and add fresh epoxy after the first application.

top epoxy add

Add color to rattle side of fly with a sharpee or fingernail polish.  Leave other side uncolored so thread color shows through.  For extra flash gold glitter nail polish works well.

add color

After color is applied let dry for a few minutes and coat with hard as nails clear polish to protect color and add a little more shine.

add finish coat

View of the side that rides up.  For more contrast a darker thread color can be used.

color added 2

Side view…and you’re done!

finished fly

Three different color combinations!

finished flies

I need to learn how to take photos this well, haha. Thanks Bryan! Hopefully you can submit more in the future…



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