A Perfect August Morning on The Lagoon

Exhibit A: Mother Nature's gifts.

Exhibit A: Mother Nature’s gifts.

It was the morning. The morning of all mornings, aka ‘the perfect morning’. You know those days when you check the weather forecast and our buddy the weatherman says it’s going to be 2-3MPH (basically no wind) all morning until lunch time? 8 times out of 10 that’s not true and the wind will kick up by 9AM…but not last Saturday. Last weekend was one of those flat calm days you hope for every time you head out the door to hitch up the boat. I went out in search of some early morning tarpon and redfish with my buddy Justin from Castaway Customs (@tails_up) on the Indian River, but only one of the two would cooperate.

At first light we hit the tarpon hole and saw the rolling all around us. Within minutes we were covered in noseeums from head to toe which sucked hard. I was kindly given over 50 bites within 5 minutes before I could even grab the bug spray or my gloves. Justin wasn’t so lucky- he was wearing shorts. After poling away from the tarpon who wouldn’t eat anything we threw at them, while being protected by an army of noseums, we moved to a different spot to find some tailing reds on the flats. Now this was a good idea.

As we turned the corner by where we were poling the skiff, the water cleared up from dirty brown to almost crystal clear and we could spot fish tailing and cruising with their fins out of the water in search of an easy meal. My fly of choice for the last few weeks has been a kwan/toad pattern in a ‘watermelon’ or ‘electric chicken’ colorway (bright green or chartreuse body with pink marabou tail and a few other personal touches). The reds in both lagoons can’t seem to ignore this fly and they slurp it right up at the first chance they get…as long as you don’t line them or cast too accurately on their noses.

The fish were plentiful and the weather was beautiful…until the storms rolled in. But that’s life- Florida life to be exact. One minute you are graces by Mother Nature’s allowance of flat glass conditions, and the next you get her bad side. Pics to follow…

SkinnySkiff Indian River Aug 2013 1

SkinnySkiff Indian River Aug 2013 2

SkinnySkiff Indian River Aug 2013 3



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