Badass Skiff – 2013 Whipray Rebuild

This badass skiff is truly one of a kind. What kind of person takes a brand new 2013 Whipray Classic and completely tears it down? This new owner, that’s who. Here’s what the owner had to say about the skiff upon purchase:

I had noticed that the IGFA in Dania had a brand new 2013 Whipray Classic that Hell’s Bay Boatworks had been kind enough to donate to them sitting right out front of the entrance. As my frustration grew in my search for an older Whipray to refurbish I starting thinking about buying this new Whipray and modify it to my taste. I contacted the IGFA and bought the new skiff in May.

From the looks of it, he went with an older-style with the rebuild, but it looks awesome none the less. Some details to notice are the white painted trim tabs, white rope work, new ice blue non-skid on the decks, and the old school logo on the front bulkhead.

Awesome skiff!









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