Estrada Art Gear + New Hats

If you’ve been waiting to look fly on the flats like those Miami guys you see all over the net, look no further than Estrada Art’s newly stocked web store. You’ve heard about Eric, the fly fishing and flats art purveyor in South Florida that’s been putting out some nice artwork in the last few years. He finally launched his own product brand after partnering up with Skinny Water Culture (SWC) and has left to pursue his company with their blessings. T-shirts, hats, face masks, stickers; you name it and the new store has it.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been guest blogging for Eric on his Estrada Art blogĀ so be sure to check that out from time to time as well. Who doesn’t want to see more of me, right?

80s Throwback Estrada Hat

Just in time for Halloween- and every other weekend of the year.

Eric sent over a care package the other day, and I must say the quality of product he is putting out is top notch. No cheap gildan shirts here. All of the t-shirts are a nice soft and well-fitting material that you can wear anywhere, not just out to the flats. The face masks are a nice polyester blend like the new SWC masks, instead of a face-sweating cotton some brands use. And what else has he released? Awesome new hats.

If you’re an instagram whore and constant fishporn peddler, you’re probably following Eric (@estrada_art) and Dan Decibel (@dj_dan_decibel) on there. In the past they have posted photos with custom hats (see below) where Eric drew on the design to the flat-bill lid with paint markers. Now you can purchase these new style hats through their web store! And guess what? HE DID ONE IN AN 80’S BLUE/PINK COLORWAY! This is the best news for white people since Nutella.

Check out the photos below and hit the shop at this link!


Estrada Art SkinnySkiffCom GEar


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