Fly Tie Monday: Sweet Potato EP Crab

I’ve been slacking once again, so Bryan aka ‘flyfishSC’ on the forum sent me another sweet SBS for you guys to try out. This EP crab is sure to get some attention this winter out on the flats.

Inspiration behind this one is there are good tides for chasing reds near Beaufort Thanksgiving weekend. And my new shadowcast 18 should be ready by then (build starts next week according to Erin). Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite Thanksgiving foods: SP Pie, SP casserole, or just straight up baked SP.  So I wanted to show the reds a little SP love by feeding them a fly that looks a lot like a crabby chunk of sweet potato goodness.


Gamakatsu size 4 stinger hook
Danville 210 denier thread – orange
Orange saddle hackle
Orange krystal flash
Red mono crab eyes
Brown barred sili legs
Orange barred zonker strips
Small brass eyes
EP Tarantula hairy legs
EP brown streamer brush
50# mono line
Super Glue


Size 4 Gamakatsu stinger hook and orange Danville Thread

1 crab fly

2 small orange saddle feathers splayed out (fuzzy under-feathers)

2 crab fly

Several strands orange krystal flash

3 crab fly

Mono red crab eyes angled up and out from hook

4 crab fly

Sili-legs splayed 2 each side

5 crab fly

Orange barred zonker strip claw on each side

6 crab fly

Small brass eyes tied on bottom of hook shank

7 crab fly

Brown EP streamer brush and olive/brown ep tarantula hairy legs

8 crab fly

Wrap ep streamer brush (combing fibers back) over ep tarantula forward to eyes

9 crab fly

Add double mono (50#) weed-guard, whip finish, and superglue

10 crab fly

Finished Sweet Potato Crab fly!

11 crab fly


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