The Devilray Saga: Final Chapter

Well the final chapter has come, less some minor tweaks to the setup I need to do. I guess this would be ‘chapter 3’ if you’re going by the numbers. The boat was completed last week and I took delivery of it from Jon Glasser at Glasser Boatworks. Check out their Facebook page here. Jon does some amazing work, as you can see. Don’t hesitate to call him if you need work done to your skiff!

Here’s a before and after of what the cockpit looked like:


The ‘after’ is much better, I think? This is also before the deck and cockpit non-skid which you’ll see in the photos below. The boat came out amazing and I’m really happy I went through with it. I finally got a chance to work on the rigging and finishing touches this week before Thanksgiving. Many hours were put in, but it got done just in time to take the boat out for a short run over the weekend. Lots of wiring was done, all of the steering cables, and also the dreaded zip-tying of everything together. It was all worth it, as the rigging in the skiff looks super clean.

The performance was great too, the boat is really quick with the 40 2-Stroke on the back and gets on plane in a second. The skiff is weight sensitive, so running the side console is exciting- but poling is very easy and once you get your bearings it’s a breeze to stand up on the platform. The boat floats in a legitimate 5″ of water so I’m happy about that! It’s safe to say I’ll be sticking with this skiff for quite some time…

Finished photos:

DevilRay Saga Complete 1

DevilRay Saga Complete  2

DevilRay Saga Complete 5

DevilRay Saga Complete 7

DevilRay Saga Complete 6

DevilRay Saga Complete  3

DevilRay Saga Complete 6

DevilRay Saga Complete 9


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