A Lowcountry Reader’s Submission

This is what I’m talkin’ about! Another reader sent in an email last night, this time from the lowcountry in South Carolina. I try and make it up to God’s Country once a year to watch the Cocks play football at Williams-Brice, but I never take the skiff with me.

These Carolina dudes have some good redfishing up there in the oyster beds and creeks- but they also have huge tide swings which I am really not jealous of at all. The lagoons here in Central Florida have a tide of like…nothing. It’s nice being able to fish whenever you want!

In any case, keep up the good work in South Carolina and spread the skinny water love!

If you have a fishing report you want to post or have some awesome photos form the weekend, post them in the forum or send an email to info@skinnyskiff.com!

SkinnySkiff Reader - LowCountry - 2014 (4)

SkinnySkiff Reader - LowCountry - 2014 (2)

SkinnySkiff Reader - LowCountry - 2014 (3)


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