Salt Marsh Skiffs: Fiberglass Jonboat/Airboat Hybrid Debuts

This week’s Tampa Outdoor Expo will have allot of manufacturers displaying their offerings, but one will stand out among the crowd. Salt Marsh Skiffs is a new company, a sister company of Ankona Boats out of Ft. Pierce, FL. I don’t know much about the new company, but I do know that the photo below is their first prototype hull of their new concept hybrid skiff.

The skiff will be an airboat/jonboat hull hybrid made out of kevlar and fiberglass. It looks to be perfect for use with a mud motor or small short-shaft outboard to get you around those pesky oyster-laden flats and creeks in the Florida panhandle, Florida upper-East coast, and Southeastern low country.

Now don’t get me wrong on all this ‘new’ and ‘revolutionary’ talk about this skiff. The first Hell’s Bay Whipray was a response to the heavy use of jonboats in the Everglades backcountry. We also have Carolina Skiffs and all these other off-shoots of that style. The skiff below with its all kevlar construction, light weight, and airboat-influenced design might just be the ticket to fill this niche of anglers who want to be able to pole a fiberglass boat but also run the creeks and oyster flats like a metal hull would.

From the photo below, the skiff looks to be integrating hull features from the airboat and jonboat market, while retaining some true classic poling skiff details.

There is no MSRP set yet that I know of, but you can probably get more information by contacting Ankona Boats directly.

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  1. mike says:

    Or just buy an actual jon boat for way less.

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