5 Books About Old Florida You Need to Own

If you’re obsessed with the outdoor scenes and wildlife of Florida like I am, there’s no amount of literature you can live without. I’m hugely fascinated with reading about Florida’s past and seeing what it was like to live in the ‘pioneer days’ of the Sunshine State. There’s a ton of great books out there in all different categories which detail the state of Florida in its past and present.

Over the past year I’ve amassed a small stack of novels and picture books for my coffee table that stood out over the others. This is my current ‘Top 5’ list of picture books and reading novels you must own! These fine pieces of work range from multiple-part novels to table-top picture books suitable for the young ones. Pick one, or pick them all.



Shadow Country

Shadow Country is a classic multiple part series by Peter Mattheissen. It outlines the early days of Southwest Florida in the Chokoloskee area, and even uses some of the same names for the bay and river systems in the area- leaving you with a small sense of accomplishment and understanding if you’ve fished there before! Little do many know, the author was also a CIA agent!

Support this website and purchase Shadow Country (Modern Library Paperbacks) on Amazon here!

A Land Remembered

A Land Remembered, by Patrick D. Smith, is a cracker novel outlining the hardships of a family in those ‘pioneer days’. Another great read which is much shorter than Shadow Country.

Check A Land Remembered out here.



Picture Books

Crackers in the Glade

Crackers in the Glade is the first picture book I’m going to recommend here. It’s a super awesome book with lots of visuals about early life in the Florida Everglades. Complete with early map and wildlife, this one is sure to keep yourself or your kids interested in the ‘Glades for years to come.

Purchase Crackers in the Glade: Life and Times in the Old Everglades here.


Florida Bay Forever

Florida Bay Forever is an AWESOME photo book with tons of visuals of the Southern tip of the Everglades; AKA ‘Florida Bay’. With a foreward by Jimmy Buffet, what’s not to like? If you love fishing Florida Bay down by the ‘Glades and the Keys, this is the book that will make you hate not living there 24/7!

Find this book on Amazon here: Florida Bay Forever A Story of Water from the Everglades to the Keys!

Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition

Another great photo book, and collaborative effort by multiple photographers, which outlines the (sort-of) pristine Florida wildlife corridor that spans from the Everglades all the way up North to the Ocala National Forest and beyond. Photos of the elusive Florida black bear and others can be found in the pages of this great book. Another must have for your coffee table in the ‘Florida room’!

Check Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition out here!


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