The End of Summer 2014

Fishing Mosquito Lagoon was lots of fun this summer. It was filled with good times but also had its share of frustrating moments. I started off the summer fishing my usual areas in the lagoon looking for laid up fish, but they were few and far in between. The bulk of my fish came from shorelines during the early summer even though the water was low. Fish are normally out on the open flats in this time, but that wasn’t to happen for a few more weeks.

The wind. The wind, the wind, the wind. For some reason, in 2014, the wind was almost blowing what seemed to be non-stop until now (early Fall). From January all through August there was very few truly slicked out days on the water. When it did happen, it was awesome!

When the water on the lagoon slicks out, you can see every wake and tail for hundreds of feet. That’s when the fishing is best. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘fair weather’ fisherman as you can find me out there in some pretty bad conditions, but it’s truly a blessing seeing your home waters look like this:

Lagoon Summer 2014 SkinnySkiffCom (1)

And of course, as any real lagoon angler can attest to; the best time to be out on the water is during the week. Weekends on the Eastern Central Florida lagoon system can get crazy with boat ramps looking like truck dealerships and out on the water looking like a demo day for your favorite skiff maker. You really can’t run to any part of Mosquito Lagoon of the Indian River these days without finding another boat around you.

This is where adventure time comes in to play. Seeing tons of other boats around me pushes me out of my comfort zone and into places I wouldn’t normally fish. There are still a few spots left in Mosquito Lagoon where others are either too lazy to go or can’t go to because of their skiff setup. Thankfully, my skiff gets me anywhere I need to go without disturbing the precious seagrass we have left.

When you’re out on the lagoon, on a Tuesday afternoon, you can’t help but stop and stake-out just to enjoy the scenery and quiet-time.

Lagoon Summer 2014 SkinnySkiffCom (3)

Unfortunately for this summer, it got VERY hot. Temperatures in late July and into September were reaching almost 95-102 degrees per day, heating up the water on the flats and keeping redfish jaws locked up. There’s one thing you can count on when the redfish aren’t biting and that’s juvenile tarpon! WOOP!

Lagoon Summer 2014 SkinnySkiffCom (4)

That tarpon there was pulled in by Justin (@tails_up) on the new 7-weight Sage SALT rod I got in for testing. Safe to say that the rod handled the fish great and this tarpon was a blast to see bursting through the water and making huge holes all around us on the surface. If you look closely in the photo above, you can see the boat in the background behind the tarpon’s tail. Yup- it was a weekend.

Once the dog days of summer cooled down in late September, the redfish bite turned back on and it was back to poling the shorelines for fish as the water rose from all the rain storms we’ve had here in Florida. A few weeks ago, I headed out on my buddy Todd Barker’s (@toddbarker_) Waterman for a day of fishing in Mosquito and we chased some micro tarpon all morning to no avail. As the sun faded into a cloudy afternoon, we decided to switch to redfish and that paid off great…



You can see some bend being put into that Sage SALT in the last photo of me. ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Overall this Summer of 2014 has been great, and I look forward to a stellar fall season on the lagoons in the months to come.



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