New Threads for 2015: Jigalode and Estrada Art

The clock struck 2015 this year and two companies who I’ve written about in the past have released new angler-centric clothing this year. These two companies caught my eye because they have been consistently putting our original and eclectic clothing for the shallow water fisherman. If you’re not the Columbia PFG type – or the wear whatever I have laying around type – then these are the threads for you.

Jigalode, a local Miami haberdasher, released a bunch of new men’s and women’s clothing this year in their new 2015 line. From a women’s crop top (not pictured) to the new ‘Swamp Ape’ face mask and ‘Peacock’ patterned long sleeve (shown below), something here is sure to catch your eye. No one said these clothes were just for the flats, though. Much of Jigalode’s line is top-notch gear that you can wear from the skiff to the dinner table without having to change it up. Well, maybe throw on a pair of khaki’s…

Keep in mind, Jigalode offers 5% off your purchase by using the coupon code ‘skinnyskiff’ at checkout!



Estrada Art, the brainchild of Eric Estrada and his brother who also hail from South Florida (why are all the fish artists from South Florida!?), have also released a TON of new clothing for 2015. As they just posted on their Facebook page, Estrada Art has released a dozen new t-shirts as well as a few new microfiber shirts to complement their already large line of flats-fishing-themed gear.

From bonefish to tarpon, and peacock bass to ‘longrod atheletes’- the new Estrada Art line has all your favorite instagram-isms covered. The new patterned microfiber shirts aren’t exactly fish camo, but they are bright and are sure to get you noticed.

Estrada Art also offers a discount for SkinnySkiff readers! 20% off with the coupon code ‘SkinnySkiff’ at checkout!



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