Skiff Side Consoles: A Photojournal

Need some inspiration? Check out the photos below for examples of side consoles to choose for your next new skiff or skiff restore/build. We did something similar a while back with our tiller grab bar photojournal you can check out. Each side console design is seperated by the manufacturer that has put out the one in each photo.

Why a side console? To me, a side console is the perfect mix of simplicity and ability. You get the open spaces of a tiller in your layout but you also get the control and options of a center console. Side consoles can be simple as a throttle and wheel; all the way up to multiple switches, gauges, and of course your steering.

Decide for yourself! But choose wisely…

Ankona Boats

The Ankona side console is a very slim profile molded side console that has a large protrusion for throttle placement along the gunnel of the skiff it’s being installed on. Something that Ankona does is adapt center console molds to fit gunnel-less skiffs that they offer which I would call more of an ‘offset center console’ than a true side console.

Side Console Skiff Example SkinnySkiffCom BT Ankona

Side Console Skiff Example SkinnySkiffCom

This one is more of an ‘offset center console’:

Ankona 2014 New Console 2

Beavertail Skiffs

Molded side console with a protrusion on the throttle side that allows the throttle to be placed lower down for user preference. These are bolted into the gunnel cap and are also bead-sealed with black 5200 on the newer models like the Strike.

Side Console Skiff Example SkinnySkiffCom BT

Photo Credit: Pine Island Angler

Side Console Skiff Example SkinnySkiffCom BT 2

Photo Credit: Unknown

East Cape Skiffs

Molded raised side consoles are shown here from East Cape. These are through-bolted into the cap and sealed with 5200 around the edges.

Side Console Skiff Example SkinnySkiffCom BT 3

Photo Credit: East Cape Skiffs

ECC Console SkinnySkiffCom

Photo Credit: East Cape Skiffs

Hell’s Bay Boatworks

Two versions from Hell’s Bay. One is a classic low-profile┬ábonded piece probably made from core board, and one is a molded high-profile version that has more space for switches and etc. The high-profile version is supported by a bonded piece of core that’s fiberglassed into the hull and shaped like a crescent-cutout. The high-profile version is also chemically bonded/welded to the gunnel and doesn’t use any through-bolts.

Side Console Skiff Example SkinnySkiffCom HB

Photo Credit: ‘Icarus’

DevilRay Saga Complete 5

DevilRay Saga Complete 9

Inshore Power Boats

Fully molded and bonded side console with storage/wiring space hidden inside.

IPB Side Console SkinnySkiffCom

Photo Credit: ‘HiCatchFish’

IPB Side Console SkinnySkiffCom 1

Photo Credit: ‘HiCatchFish’

Shipoke Boats

Molded low-profile side console with aluminum support bar.

Side Console Skiff Example SkinnySkiffCom BT Shipoke

Photo Credit: Capt. Jan Lemieux/iMacAttack on


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  1. Evan says:

    Kevin would flip if he saw you representing ECC with their earlier work!!! I think 5200 is his arch enemy now. LOL

    1. mattyvac says:

      Haha…well this is what I could find through image searches. If he wants them updated to new ones he has, he knows how to get in touch with me.

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