Got MOJO? Sportswear for On and Off The Water

MOJO Sportswear Company contacted me earlier this summer to give the heads up on some performance apparel that they had released for anglers. In the email the detailed about how they had some ‘breathable’ apparel that would be great to wear on and off the water.

Skeptically I thought “What could be better than a standard microfiber?”

I checked out their website and picked out two items for them to send over, and through the last few months on the skiff and for my annual trip to Islamorada I’ve been wearing the MOJO gear to great effect. This gear really is ‘cool’!


In my bin at home I have probably two dozen microfibers from various companies that I grab when heading out for a morning on the water. None of them were orange (aka coral) so when placing my order on the MOJO website I went a little ‘coral crazy’ for these new threads.

The ‘Wireman’ and ‘Playa’ shirts I picked out arrived from MOJO less than a week later and I had the products in my hand to put through their paces. Little did I know, these would become some of my favorite pieces of clothing over the hot Summer of 2015. This Summer has been brutal heat-wise and being out on the water with no shade can take its toll on you- even if you are covered with a buff, hat, and long sleeves.

Poling a skiff for endless miles after bone-headed redfish doesn’t help cool you down, either!

The MOJO ‘Wireman’ performance long sleeve microfiber shirt I received kept me cool through the hot days on the water in the blistering sun. Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) there was a nice breeze for a few weeks so I got to see how the Wireman shirt’s mesh siding allowed air to flow through the shirt. It did, and I noticed. Another cool thing about the Wireman shirt’s mesh is that the holes in the mesh are too small for insects to get through. Many ‘vented’ shirts on the market right now have large mesh sides that let no-see-ums and mosquitos right through.

That sucks, allot!

How do you feel when it’s like 110 degrees outside and the breeze flows through your shirt blessing your six-pack abs with cool air? Good enough to take a ‘lion king’ shot with the tiny redfish you just wrangled in.

Lagoon As of Late Mosquito SkinnySkiffCom2913

Next up was the ‘Playa’ short sleeve vented-back casual shirt. This guy is my first foray into short sleeve button down shirts and I must say that I like the look.

The Playa short sleeve plaid shirt was great to wear to dinner around Islamorada when I went down for the annual fishing trip. After a quick shower and a nap in the evening, throwing this light-weight shirt on your back is a ‘breeze’ and looks pretty cool, too.

I’m not an aficionado in what constitutes a great short sleeve shirt to wear around town but I will say that this MOJO Playa shirt is going to stay up in my closet for a long while so I can wear it to the dock or to dinner.

I like the shirt so much that it was good enough to get engaged in.

MOJO Sportswear Playa Shirt SkinnySkiffCom

Check out MOJO Sportswear Company’s products at and see for yourself if the gear they have will fit the bill for you!


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