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    Tarpon have moved offshore to spawn, so snook are now the stars of the fly-fishing beach scene, until the tarpon return later this month. Most snook will be seen in small groups (6 or less) moving between the surf line and the first sandbar on an incoming tide. On the lower end of the tide, it will be necessary to move out onto the first sandbar and work the outside troughs. If you can find structure on the beach, (rock piles, seawalls, piers, etc.) you will find larger schools of snook shadowing bait pods. Some of these snook schools can have over 100 individuals in them. Most will be males in the 20-30 inch class. Those fish over 30 inches will more than likely be females and will be alone or followed by a few smaller males. 7-9 wt. gear is the norm with 20# fluorocarbon bite tippet getting more looks than 30# or 40#. Small led-eyed Clousers in white, tan, and chartreuse will get most of the action. Small white DT Specials will do well on the lower end of the tide when it isn’t essential to get your fly on the bottom.

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    Awesome stuff´╝ü I’ve seen quite a few around the Nokomis beach area. Been busy and haven’t been able to hit them yet, but will surely be out soon!

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