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    This forum is BBCode enabled. BBCodes are basic forum codes that many online forums use to embed images, videos, and other kinds of media.

    Common BBCodes available for use:

      [url]Enter URL HERE[/url]
    [img]Enter image URL here [/img]
    [vimeo]Enter vimeo URL here[/vimeo]
    [youtube]Enter YT URL here[/youtube] 

    I am working on a MUCH more elegant solution, but for now they are manual. Some forums have a ‘button’ you can click and the codes are inserted for you- on here you just need to type them by hand and insert the URL between the codes.

    For example:


    This above code will insert an image into the posting…the URL to the image goes between the bracketed ‘image’ words.

    You will need to upload your photos to a hosting service such as photobucket or picasaweb beforehand and then get the URL to the photo.

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